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Jeff owner of Pinellas Ponds, started servicing our pond and waterfall several years ago.  We have been more than satisfied with the excellent service and knowledge he shows with maintaining our pond .  We would recommend Pinellas Ponds for anyone looking for an "artist" for your new pond and waterfall.  Thank you. Jeff for your hard work.  Looking forward to many more years of service !! Scott and Leah Cooper

______________________________________Dear Jeff, I wanted to let you know that the pond you created for me is absolutely gorgeous! I love how you designed the pond with the type of fish and turtles in mind. There are ledges for my algae fish, steps and logs for my turtles to sun themselves and floating plants for my goldfish to feel safe under. Everyone is happy in the pond. Thank you for taking the time to show me how everything works and how to maintain it. Beautiful job to you and your crew.

Laura De Cosmo

Their pledge is "We install the best and fix the rest" really held true on the job they did on my old established Koi pond.


It was in dire need of an overhaul; deep sludge on the bottom ,densely overgrown with wild ferns that completely hid the two waterfalls which were leaking; sagging edging on two sides of the pond which allowed overflow when filled.


Jeff and his crew tirelessly went to work in the August heat ripping out all of the dense ferns throughout the pond area, rebuilding the two waterfalls, installing new improved liners and manifolds on both. repairing the sagging edges of the pond.


Not satisfied with the end product, Jeff returned twice to tweak the stones and liners on one of the waterfalls.  I was really impressed with his tenacity and determination to fix the rest.


I highly recommend PinellasPonds for any pond job you may have.  Their attention to detail is above reproach and price & turn around time is super.


H. Timm




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